Original artwork and reproduction

The Copyright Law of Australia and many other countries specify that the author of an artwork holds the exclusive legal copyright to that artwork, unless the artist explicitly signed that copyright over to someone else.

When someone buys an artwork from the artist, they are buying the physical object to own and enjoy, but the copyright to the actual image or object remains with the original artist. The artist retains the exclusive right to use the images of their artwork for any purposes, including making and selling reproduction prints.

There is a misconception that reproduction prints may reduce the value of the original art. In fact, the opposite is generally true: the more an artwork is reproduced, the more it is known, and thus the greater the value of the original. The most valuable art pieces in the world are some of the most heavily reproduced images of all time. Their value is usually proportional to the publicity of the reproduced artwork or to the artist’s fame acquired via his/her other renowned and reproduced artworks.

While the law makes it clear that in most situations the artist — and only the artist — can reproduce their artwork, I believe in courtesy and would like to use this opportunity to notify the prospective buyers that I may use the images of my artwork for making cards, calendars, posters or other prints. The vast majority of art buyers are happy with that, for it increases the recognition and popularity of the original they own, but some people may appreciate such notice.

Please contact me if you have any questions regarding copyright and ethics of art reproduction.

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